Xiao Ou "Ou Yeah"

Music Video

Music video I created for Eirik Okkenhaug aka Xiao Ou. Eirik is Norwegian but have been making great success in China with his hip-hop. The idea behind the music video started with a random gif that I made, Eirik saw it and liked it and we decided to make a music video out of it for one of his songs on his album. The album is available on iTunes and Spotify. 

The clip was created with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Cinema 4D was used for most of the landscapes, characters and the plane, but towards the end I got lazy and decided to mix some 2D animation into it, and I got some great help from Gwyn Dixon to finish it all. You can download the model for the plane on my blog, the plane is rigged so you can turn on and off the weapons and other fun stuff.

Thanks for checking out the clip.


Stills from the film