Me trying to get better at stuff

This is my attempt at creating something on a regular basis. A lot of these images are just small portions of other bigger projects, or it could just be a fluke that happens when playing around with various software. I've been focusing a lot on Cinema 4D and learning Octane Render lately. You can follow on Twitter.

More Boring Crap

073 // More Boring Crap

Future Dancefloor

062 // Future Dancefloor

Psychedelic Shapes

048 // Psychedelic Shapes

White and Red thing

044 // White and Red thing

Melting Hippo Blob

043 // Melting Hippo Blob

Abstract Twitch

037 // Abstract Twitch

Generative Design

034 // Generative Design

Whitehaven Beach

027 // Whitehaven Beach

Abstract self portrait?

026 // Abstract self portrait?

Dancing Thom Yorke

024 // Dancing Thom Yorke

Invation of 1902

018 // Invation of 1902

Stairway to Heaven

016 // Stairway to Heaven

Space Explotion

015 // Space Explotion

Sketch and Toon

010 // Sketch and Toon

Lonely Astronaut

009 // Lonely Astronaut
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