I've moved back to Norway

To start doing freelance work

I haven't written anything on this page in ages, so I thought it would be appropriate to write something about my move from Australia to Norway.

In 2008 I moved to Brisbane in Australia to start my bacelour degree in film production. The place kind of hooked me, awesome weather, great people, lots of beer. Whats not to like? I was also able to get a good job that paid well and challenge me. In the end I lived there for almost 8 (!) years, but before christmas in 2015 I desided that moving back home to Norway was a good idea, for a few different reasons. I'm not really sure what the future for me will bring, I've lived in Norway now for six months, and freelancing as a motion designer has been great. 

Here is one example of a very cool client I've been working with:

I've been living with my parents, its great for saving money, but you can't live with your parents forever. I'm therefore looking at buying a small apartment in Oslo. Apartment prices in Oslo can be kind of crazy, and I haven't been able to buy anything yet, hopefully I will be the owner of a new apartment by the end of the summer though. I'm sure I will be able to pick up more work in Oslo as well. 

Here is a few snaps from the first few months in Norway (not the most exciting photos)


Written 12th June, 2016 in Ramblings

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