Looks like I'm also doing webdesign

I enjoy doing this a lot

I've learned, that in life, things seems to move in waves. What I mean by that is that I often get approched to do much similar kind of work at the time, so sometimes I might do a bunch of Cinema 4D stuff, other times it could be character animation in After Effects, but lately I've been doing a lot of web development and design. And I like it a lot.

For making websites I use an awesome code-editor called Brackets. It's really simple, has color highlighted code, and you can very easily jump between HTML and CSS. There's also a lot of plugins that can add FTP clients and a bunch of other handy stuff. That is basicly all the "tools" I use to make websites, but I get a lot of help from Google and StackOverflow. For making designs I sketch on paper and in Photoshop. 

I did Ride Free's website a bit earlier this year. This is the place I've been working in a full-time position for the last two years. We designed it together and I put it together. I've used Couch CMS for the backend, I use this CMS for all the websites I make, and I honestly don't know how to use any other ones. Couch is very super easy to install and attach to your static site, and I will argue that the interface for the client is better than most CMS's out there.


Kiosk is a production company in Brisbane, they have a pretty impressive range of videos in their gallery. They came to me with a design they wanted to use, and I helped them develop it as close as possible to their initial ideas. It's a pretty minimalist and simple layout, but there is some nice funky stuff happening around the site. I like it a lot!


SisteStopp.com is a norwegian website I run together with some friends. It is kind of a web-magazine where we just cover whatever we feel like, anything from games and movies, to babes and humorous content. The website was started in 2007, but sadly died off in 2009. In 2014 the group got back together and desided to restart the project, and it seems like some years off have made us more keen than ever to make a fun web-magazine in Norwegian.  


Lastly, I've got my own website AGoberg.tv. This is just my portfolio website to show off some of the video work I've been doing. I'm also using it as a place to test new web design stuff. This one is constantly changing, and it has had a lot of different layouts over the years. No doubt it will change again...

Written 2nd June, 2017 in Other Work Stuff

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