Android App: Wrangler

Calculate storage space

Wrangler is my first Android app. It's aimed at people using digital video cameras that wants to know roughly how much storage space is needed for a shoot. The app is pretty simple, you input either your planned filming time or the storage space you have available, then you select a video format and the app will calculate how long you can be filming, or how much storage space you will need. 

I have tried to make the app as accurate as possible. Most of the video/camera formats were measured by shooting a lot of different kinds of shots, then figuring out how much one minute would be in megabytes. Then take the average of all the different shots and use that number in the calculation in the app. Some formats were also measured by using the bitrate and calculating from there. I should mention that the app doesn't work so well with very low inputs, the lowest input that works alright is about 10/15 seconds.

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Written 2nd December, 2014 in Apps

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