Stripes in middle of Road

Tips and stuff

Video: Building an Arcade Machine

More fun when you DIY

What to do during sommer when there is no freelance work on.

Written 5th November, 2017 in Ramblings


Other Work Stuff

Octane Cell Shading tests

Kinda cool simple technique

I've been doing some simple tests in Octane Render on how to a achieve a stylized cell shading look. 

Written 3rd June, 2017 in Other Work Stuff

Looks like I'm also doing webdesign

I enjoy doing this a lot

Lately I've been doing a lot of web development and design. And I like it a lot. More info inside...

Written 2nd June, 2017 in Other Work Stuff

Octane Random color

Tips and stuff

MJay Dance


Turkish Airlines "Meet Europe's Best"

Cool campaign I've worked on

Check out this cool campaign I've worked on with Copa90 and Turkish Airlines about the Euro 2016 football turnament!

Written 23rd June, 2016 in Other Work Stuff

I've moved back to Norway

To start doing freelance work

In 2008 I moved to Brisbane to start my bacelour degree in film production. The place kind of hooked me, and I stayed there for almost 8 (!) years. But now I have moved back to Norway...

Written 12th June, 2016 in Ramblings

Car Test Renders

Testing Octane Render on a car

I recently bought a car model on Turbosquid (a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda to be spesific) to practice some lighting and texturing tecniques in Octane Render.

Written 15th August, 2015 in Process

Moving from Mac to PC

Making the switch to the darkside

Late last year I decided to buy myself a new computer. At the time I only had a 2010 MacBook Pro and the work that I was doing was a bit too heavy for the little machine. So its PC time!

Written 26th July, 2015 in Ramblings

Video: Roskilde Festival 2015

I went back to this crazy place

Roskilde Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe with more than 130,000 people attending for the 8 day long party. Its been going for 45 years, and it just gets better and better every year. Check out my video inside...

Written 9th July, 2015 in Travel

Photos: Double Island Point

Camping trip with the boyzz

Trip with the boyzz! 

Written 6th June, 2015 in Travel

Photos: Roskilde Festival 2014

Best place on earth?

Photos from Roskilde Festival 2014...

Written 31st May, 2015 in Travel

Photos: Burned Greenhouse

Someone burned this massive greenhouse to the ground

Here is some hauting photos I took of a burned down greenhouse in Skien, Norway.

Written 31st May, 2015 in Photography

Experiment #186 Screen Recording

Timelapse video

You might have seen my yearly project that I call Experiments, I've started doing screen recordings while I make some of them. Click through to watch the first one.

Written 26th April, 2015 in Process

Android App: Keyer

A very simple but quite handy app

Keyer is my second Android app aimed at filmmakers. This one is free and is quite handy when you have to do a shoot involving phones or tablets and have to comp in a different screen later in post-production. 

Written 12th December, 2014 in Apps

Android App: Wrangler

Calculate storage space

Wrangler is an app I've made for Android phones that can help filmmakers to calculate how much storage space is needed for a shoot when shooting with various cameras. I actually use this app quite a lot myself so it is definitely handy.

Written 2nd December, 2014 in Apps